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Cardigan ~ H&M
Dress ~ New Look

Thought I'd do a little post on my favourite perfumes. A couple of them were gifts received for Christmas and my birthday.

At the moment, they all sit on a little bedside unit (which isn't even beside a bed, oh well!) looking shiny together.
I like to keep all the boxes and display them also.

I love them all so much. Though my favourite is the cheapest haha! Midnight Fantasy is the perfect smell of sweeties, I adore it.
I would recommend each and every one though.
Naughty Alice and Princess leave a more subtle, light scent on the skin whilst the other two have a stronger presence.

I treated myself in La Senza the other day, somewhere I haven't been in a while.
I love buying underwear a little too much.

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 A little compilation of photos from the past couple of months, hopefully you will enjoy!

My make-up was slightly a mess here (to my eyes anyway, I can notice), I'd had a little emotional moment haha! Though here you can kind of see a new blouse/light jacket I bought from Primark. I also have a black one with deers on.

The snow outside my bedroom window ~ I don't miss it at all! But apparently Scotland is being treated to some more very soon.

On this day I went out for waffles and Burger King fries.

My feet have been pampered for a change. 

Got some new bling-a-ling.

Top photo ~ Miss Selfridge.
Bottom photo ~ Topshop.

Wore a super tight leopard print dress (from Miss Selfridge) to celebrate Christmas day. I adore it so much, miaow!

Put on this floaty H&M blouse for a New Year meal with family.

And lastly, I turned 21 on Friday. My friend made me a lovely Bettie Page card! 
 Yesterday was payday, and that meant one thing ~ time to treat myself! I swear I find myself counting down the days now until I'm paid way more than I used to. Like, can December 17th hurry up already? First I decided to visit the cheap DVD/CD store.

Gigantic, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Sunshine Cleaning, Down in the Valley, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist.

They're pretty much all movies with couples in them ~ what a great way to spend these lonely winter days -_-
No really, I love watching movies with any romance/sex in them. Keeps the daydreams alive, hahaha. Plus did I mention Shia is in one of them, oh yes!

I got the River Island coat I'd been wanting for ages. It's so cosy and looks great with my next buys...

The hat on the left is definitely more berry coloured in reality. And the black one has a cute pom pom. I love them so much!
As you can see I also bought The Raveonettes' album. They're one of my favourite bands and I couldn't resist getting it for only £5.

All in all, a successful shopping trip. And I was only out for two hours, that's seriously a record for me!
Oh yeah, here's what I wore (with a jacket of course):

Top ~ ASOS.
Skirt ~ Vintage.

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19 November 2010 @ 12:07 am

Good evening!

The past 24 hours have been very hectic because to start with, I only got to bed at 5.30am and had to be up 5 hours later. Not so good when an assessment was due to occur! When at college we have to wear black, so I popped on one of my most favourite jumpers ~ it's from the petite section at Principles and I just love how it fits.

So the theme was bridal makeup, and we could put our own spin on it, taking inspiration from any era of our choice. I won't put up the during photos (to spare my friend's dignity hahaha) but here are the finished results. Personally I preferred the hair down, but my teacher advised me to put it in a side twist instead to show off the makeup. Meh, I did as I was told but I love the left photo most!
Please bear in mind I was under pressure so I know everything isn't perfect, but I passed and feel so relieved :)

Attractive cloak on left; my beautiful Topshop shrug on right ~ so sparkly for only £4!

Right now I have an evening of Misfits and Dexter ahead of me, before I cosy up and get my snooze on to prepare me for driving in the morning. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! xx 
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Saturday night I went out to celebrate my friend's 21st birthday. It's definitely not often that I go out to the clubs in town, but I had a really great time and I can't deny that there were a few cute boys around. I swear I saw one of the guys from Mumford & Sons ~ no I realise a lot of guys want to look like them now, not that I'm complaining :)

So I did my hair in rollers, even though the weather had other plans. It ended up just being a wavy kind of...thing. Oh well. It didn't matter much as I was in a sweaty club by the end of the night. The dress I wore was from Topshop. I managed to find it in the sale a few days before and I was really happy as I'd wanted it ages ago. £13 suited me fine! I also had a huge pink bow hairband which got many compliments :D it's just not in the photos, sorry >.<

And a couple of webcam photos:

Also must mention that this is my favourite lipstick ever! Illamasqua is the best <3 

I guess other than all that, I've just been thinking even more about the things I keep meaning to achieve. Like, I still really want my Bettie Page tattoo but I guess I took the best option in waiting a while. I also have my first assessment for my make-up course this Thursday ~ eek!

I'm sorry I don't update very often, but really the majority of photos I have are via webcam and I don't really know if those would be enough to captivate you all! Hahaha. Let me just finish off with another birthday mention, my sister turned 14 on Friday :)

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